Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Another great idea.

We found this great tutorial on making wall art out of ordinary office supplies, stuff that you usually have lying around the house, or things you can pick up easily that don't cost the earth, which we thought looked like fun to try. The tutorial is from a blog called How About Orange.

The red painting above is made with 3/4" round Avery labels and 1/4" tape from Office Max.

This picture is made on a 10" blank canvas, but you could use a piece of wood and metal, painted up.

Arrange pieces of tape and stickers to form abstract plant shapes. Make sure each sticker is pressed down really well. Paint the surface (I used acrylic), remove the stickers and end up with your very own original piece of art.

This could also make a simple craft project to carry out with the kids.

Full details of this tutorial can be found at  MakeDIY wall art with office supplies

Have fun!

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